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Welcome to our online marketplace

Looking to cash out? Negotiatore partners with the best business brokerage in the marketplace that has over 150 combined years of business sales experience. 

Business Meeting

Why list with us?

Business Valuations: Our financial team will assess the fair market value of your business

Marketing: We will develop and implement a marketing plan to attract potential buyers


Screening Buyers: We pre-qualify potential buyers to ensure they are serious and have the necessary financial resources to complete the transaction 

Negotiation: Our brokers will negotiate the terms of the sale and facilitate the communication between the buyer and seller 

Closing the deal: We manage the closing process to ensure a smooth transition of ownership  

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Our Buyer Network

We have 10+ years of growing a private and extensive network, currently, we have over 100,000 qualified buyers looking for their next acquisition. 

We have received billions of dollars in business thanks to our wide network of domestic and foreign buyers. To learn how we can deliver the most value for you in a prompt and seamless purchase and ownership transition process, get in touch with us right now.

For a free consultation please email

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